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About Vytali

The Vytali card is a simple way to save money every day and whenever you want! This simple and efficient tool will allow you to continuously take advantage of promotions offered by variety of partners throughout Quebec, and above all, at your fingertips. Our mission is to make you save time and money.

Our commitment is to offer you an exceptional service that negotiates for you the best discounts from exclusive and qualified partners. Your Vytali card will apply to a wide range of businesses and in all sectors.


  • Make savings in all business sectors in Quebec;
  • Constantly save time;
  • Discover a multitude of new businesses near you;
  • Benefit from additional discounts exclusive to members.


Start your career with Vytali! Vytali offers you the opportunity to work less and earn more money.

The application will localize the businesses and inform the member of the distance, how to get there and the discount offered by the partners in the activity sector selected.